Free technological education & training for all disabled youngsters

For over 20+ years

AT&T Technology Park for education is a volunteer-run, secular nonprofit that has enrolled more than 2000 poor and underprivileged youngsters in India during last 20 years. Its goal is to make sure that all disabled youngsters (male and female) have access to free technological education, training, placement, scholarship, mentoring support, and lodging/boarding.

Journey to Upliftment

Focus Areas

Awareness > Education > Training > Placement

AT&T Technology Park and Institute focuses on building capacities through its various skill development programs for specially-abled youth.


Creating opportunities for differently-abled to become self-reliant

We provide computer, Internet training, and mobile device/platform training for the students. This has provided a promising lifelong transformation platform to over 2000 poor of the poorest group.

Success Stories