Our WorldVision, Mission

A volunteer-run, secular nonprofit organisation that has enrolled more than 2000 poor and underprivileged youngsters in India during last 20 years.


Transforming Rural India through Digital Technology

At the dawn of the 21st century, the digital revolution accelerated globally offering an unprecedented, rare, and a lifetime opportunity to billions around the globe. This revolution has delivered huge and solid benefits in reducing poverty. The advent of this digital technology has created a paradigm shift, and has torn down the knowledge barrier between the able and the disabled. Understanding this megatrend, a clear vision was developed on to how to offer this digital globalization opportunity in a pragmatic manner to disabled poor youngsters in Indian rural areas. This vision is the fundamental theme for the AT&T Technology Park, where basic computer, Internet and mobile repair training is provided free of charge.


Ensuring that no disabled person is left behind.

The mission is to insure that "no disabled person is left behind" from this addressable education opportunity either through in-class or online training. This well thought-out and executed mission provided a promising lifelong platform to this poor of the poorest group, and a unique opportunity to participate in a digitized world. AT&T Technology Park for education is a volunteer-run, secular nonprofit that has enrolled more than 2000 poor and underprivileged youngsters in India during the last twenty years. Its goal is to make sure that all disabled youngsters have access to free technological education, training, placement, scholarship for needed, mentoring support, and free lodging and boarding.